For the Borderless You

The Global Neobank for Borderless People

Utoppia Community

Utoppia community empowers Borderless People to explore, live, and work in a world without any borders.

Our mission is to bring borderless opportunities to our users, and our community platform is the space where we can connect, share, chat, learn, and be inspired, so we can all improve our remote lives!

About Us

Utoppia is a global neobank offering easy access to US banking for non-US residents living abroad. 

We develop neobank services that provide seamless access to traditional banking and new crypto-based financial solutions for remote workers, digital nomads, and workers in the gig economy.

Utoppia’s services open up new global opportunities and remove borders, so you can access the best jobs and salaries no matter where you live in the world.

Remote workers, digital nomads, and gig economy workers can access US banking services fast and hassle-free and start receiving funds in the US as if they were locals with zero fees.

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